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The latest information posted to Local Leaks, the Wikileaks-like site that has devoted itself to finding details about Steubenville's so-called "Rape Crew", is what they say is an account from the night of the alleged gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl. Local Leaks, which uses and utilizes hacks and tipsters driven to the site from the hacktivist group known as Anonymous, posted what they say is a basic picture of what happened on the night in question which they say is derived "from a number of young people in Steubenville who were witness to various parts of this horrendous crime." Their account goes on to name specific people, but since we aren't privy to those documents or tips, naming those people without verification doesn't seem fair and we've redacted the names of the boys who are not facing charges.

(Update, January 8: Local Leaks speaks out — meet the hackers behind the Steubenville Files.)

Here's the first section of the newly posted report:

After being convinced, with some amount of coaxing – to attend the parties that night with the “Rape Crew” by by XXX’s girlfriend XXX, Jane Doe was picked up at a volleyball team party she was attending in the early evening of August 11th and transported in a vehicle with Richmond, XXX and XXX in it. Jane Doe was administered a “date rape” drug snuck into her drink almost immediately, possibly while still in the vehicle enroute to the nights “festivities”.

That sort of falls in line with what's been said. But we're not sure how someone knows for sure that the victim was snuck a "date rape drug." That's a dangerous implication and adds a sinister side of premeditation. As The New York Times Juliet Macur and Nate Schweber reported, because by the time the alleged victim went to the police "it was too late for toxicology tests to determine if she had been drugged." However, there were reports of the victim being drugged, according to Rachel Dissell of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The second portion reads:

In any case, she has no memories after being picked up. The first party of the night was at the home of Assistant Coach XXXXX, where XXXXX, XXXX, XXXXX, and XXXXX were already engaged in heavy drinking and drug use. At this location Jane Doe was raped multiple times by Richmond and Mays and at least two other assailants from the “Rape Crew”. At that point the “party” went on the move. They first stopped at another Assistant Coach’s home, Coach XXXX. XXXXX didn’t like what he saw, and asked them to leave. Once again, they hit the road with an unconscious Jane Doe in tow.

We know there was drinking. "Some in the crowd, which would grow to close to 50 people, arrived with beer. Those who did not were met by cases of it and a makeshift bar of vodka, rum and whiskey, all for the taking, no identification needed," reads the Times report. From reports we know there were multiple parties that night, but the apartments being at multiple coaches' houses have largely been unconfirmed.

Anonymous, from tips from Steubenvillers, has a theory that the boys involved had an apartment which they used for parties:

And they're also claiming that a coach or coach's house was involved:

Here's the next part:

While en route to XXXX’s house, Jane was again raped and sodomized in the back seat of a vehicle – and this was video recorded by XXXXX who was in the front seat. Her attackers in the car were again Mays and Richmond.

Now, again, knowing exactly what happened in the back seat would be hard for anyone that wasn't there. Though, this account jibes with what at least one witness told police. From the Times report:

That player told the police that he was in the back seat of his Volkswagen Jetta with Mays and the girl when Mays proceeded to flash the girl’s breasts and penetrate her with his fingers, while the player videotaped it on his phone. The player, who shared the video with at least one person, testified that he videotaped Mays and the girl “because he was being stupid, not making the right choices.” He said he later deleted the recording.

And the last part:

Once they arrived at XXXXX’s house Jane Doe was carried to the basement where she was again raped multiple times by multiple attackers, one of which was XXXXX. Finally, having sated themselves and exhausted any further entertainment that Jane Doe could provide for these animals, she was unceremoniously dumped (still unconscious) onto the front lawn of the XXXXX residence – where at least one member of the “Rape Crew” proceeded to urinate on her.

Well there's obviously some editorializing there ("further entertainment"... "animals"). But tweets from that night confirm that people were, at the very least talking about the alleged victim being urinated on while unconscious. According to The New York Times report, the party didn't end with this girl on the front lawn. "The girl slept on a couch in the basement of that home that night, with Mays alongside her before he took a spot on the floor. 

The big takeaway from this report is that the account, from which is said to be gathered and confirmed from multiple sources, says there the girl was raped multiple times by multiple people and that the two Steubenville foortball players facing charges, Malik Richmond and Trent Mays, weren't the only ones involved.

Since the Times report last month, the reporting on this story has been driven by a kind of hacker vigilantism more than professional journalists. These new details may be unconfirmed, but they are the leads that the mainstream outlets who are headed for Ohio will be following.

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