Insider Attacks in Afghanistan, Yoga in Prison, and Light in Art

A summary of the best reads found behind the paywall of The New York Times.

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Top Stories: A former American official calls insider attacks by Afghan security forces on Western allies is the “the signature violence of 2012" there, and one such attacker explains that when he opened fire it was his “proudest day.”

World: A hot line in Chile, where abortion is illegal, provides women with information despite operating in a "legal gray area."

U.S.: Yoga is popular in prisons, where it provides a "a low-cost, low-risk way for inmates to reflect on their crimes, improve their fitness and cope with the stress of overcrowded prison life."

New York: A look into the toll subway deaths takes on the conductors driving the trains.

Technology: Google could "further strengthen its already dominant position on the Internet" since the Federal Trade Commission ruled that it did not violate antitrust or anticompetition statutes in arranging search results.

Sports: Louis Nix III, the Notre Dame nose guard who channeled his "irrepressible personality" into a YouTube series called "Chocolate News," has become more serious.

Opinion: David Brooks on the phrase "suffer fools gladly."

Art & Design: Times critics write about light in works of art.

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