Real-Life 'Jaws' Casually Enjoying an Off-Season Hamptons Vacation

A great white shark named Mary Lee is being tracked 45 miles off the coast of Montauk, but this hardly the stuff of Montauk monsters. Here's why the rich kids shouldn't panic.

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Don't go in the water, (rich) kids. There is a great white shark hanging out off the coast of the Hamptons!

The folks at Curbed first tipped us off to Patch's report of a potential 1970s Spielberg movie waiting to happen: A great white shark named Mary Lee, currently being tracked by OCEARCH, was swimming about 45 miles off the coast of Montauk Point on Wednesday afternoon. Coming in at nearly 3,500 pounds, Mary Lee is a hefty piece of sea nightmare. The Hamptons had a summer full of shark sightings thanks to warmer than usual waters. Normally, a great white that close to the coast might keep residents away from the water, but it's February, and it's the Atlantic Ocean, so we suspect no one was planning to swim today anyway. On top of all that, the Coast Guard says Mary Lee is swimming away from the shore as we speak. So there really isn't any terrorizing happening, and scientists seem to have had this thing under control from the start.

The folks at OCEARCH tagged Mary Lee back in September 2012 and have been tracking her ever since. She swam down to Florida in January to escape the Christmas/post-Christmas chills, but she's since made her way back up north. They noticed she's a bit different, insofar as she rarely deviates from swimming off the coast. Mary Lee just likes to say hi!

On one hand, this might be the least exciting Hamptons/New York monster news in quite some time. This is hardly as exciting as the Montauk Monster, or that weird pig-thing they found in New York's East River last summer, or even that strange eyeball that washed up in Florida (that ended up coming from a swordfish). There hasn't been a good mystery monster in a minute. Until then, we get sharks vacationing in luxury New York hotspots.

Maybe Mary Lee is just a really big Revenge fan.

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