Four Dead After Ugly Hostage Situation in Aurora, Colorado

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Details are still coming out, but an ugly hostage situation in Aurora, Colorado -- the town where James Holmes opened fire on a crowd at a Dark Knight Rises screening this summer -- ended with at least four people dead Saturday morning. 

The New York Daily News reported that officers were called to a house in Aurora around 3 a.m. after they received reports of shots being fired in the house. Police officials said an "armed and dangerous" man was refusing to surrender to police. About 40 officers and a SWAT team reported to the location. Police told the Daily News there were between three and four adults in the house that "haven’t come out of their own free will," implying they were being held hostage. The Associated Press reports police were trying to negotiate with the man. 

But apparently that didn't work. Reporters on the scene heard gunfire from inside the townhouse. 9News' Melissa Blasius reports police tried to tear gas the hostage taker, but he still refused to leave the house. The hostage taker fired at officers, and when they returned fire he was shot and killed. Three other bodies were found in the house, plus the gunman's. One hostage was able to get away this morning, though. 

It's a tragic event for a town that's just starting to recover from the events of the summer. This story is still developing and we'll update as we know more.

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