First Responders Remember Newtown, a Ballet's Acid Flash-Forward, and Honking

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Top Stories: Newtown police share their stories of first response to the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings.

World: Unrest is spreading across Egypt "as the erosion of the public trust in the government and a persistent security vacuum have fostered a new temptation to resort to violence to resolve disputes."

Education: Governor Jerry Brown wants to build on his father's legacy by trying to "restore some of the luster" to higher education in the state.

New York: The city's Transportation Department is taking down its "don't honk" signs, but some are saying they are just giving in to the noise.

Technology: To build their search tool, Facebook brought in language experts to try and teach their computers how to understand how humans speak.

Science: In the study of behavioral genetics Hopi Hoekstra’s "work is unusual in that it deals with a naturally occurring, complicated behavior in mammals that is important for survival."

Sports: high-school basketball game in Chicago is plagued with questions of safety following a shooting outside a similar game earlier this month.

Opinion: Grace Elizabeth Hale on race and soft drinks.

Dance: Even with detectives examining the Bolshoi Ballet for clues into the acid attack on its artistic director, "the show goes on."

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