This Georgia Highway Tornado Looks Terrifying

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As a giant storm system passed through the American Southeast on Wednesday, a massive tornado touched down in Adairsville, Georgia, flipping cars and trucks across a major highway and killing at least one person while injuring numerous others.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that officials are receiving "numerous calls" about injuries relating to the storm. Interstate 75 has been shut down because "dozens" of cars have been overturned and now traffic is closed in both directions. A number of local houses and business have also been damaged as the storm passes across northwest Georgia. Local WSB-TV is streaming live with updates. Thankfully, so far there have been relatively few power outages, and no state of emergency has been declared.

There has been one fatality reported because of the storm. 

This is one of the many pictures to emerge that actually starts to depict the real scope of the twister: 

There's also this pretty terrifying video of storm:

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It's the kind of tornado that looks put together by a Hollywood effects team. You half expect this to be an excerpt from a tornado-horror movie trailer. Or B-roll from Twister.

There's also this footage taken from a local office building:

The damage from the storm makes for equally riveting and horrifying images — it flipped and totaled cars on I-75:

And this tractor-trailer was no match for the storm, either: 

This is another picture of a car flipped over on the highway that's pretty scary:

And this manufacturing plant was leveled by the twister:

And if you're tracking tornado mentions on Twitter, it's not hard to find teenagers on tornado lockdown taking duckfaced selfies: 

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