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Al Alverson got his daughter an iPad Mini for Christmas, which FedEx dropped on his doorstep Wednesday. Later that day, a UPS delivery man stole it right off of the front porch, which UPS denied ... until he showed them this video of the whole theft going down.

Overcharging aside, everyone pretty much trusts UPS and FedEx delivery workers to drop things off on time, especially around the holidays, which is probably why this video hits that sweet spot and triggers something between paranoia and boiling blood. UPS, as KHOU 11 news in Houston reports, denied the theft claim until Alverson posted his home surveillance footage on YouTube; the company has since promised him a replacement iPad. And what about the delivery Grinch who stole Al Alverson's Christmas? He got a pink slip, KHOU's Jeff McShan reports:

UPS told KHOU 11 News it was also able to identify its employee and he was fired. The company said he was a seasonal worker who was hired just to deliver packages during the holidays. UPS also said the Harris County Sheriff's Office arrested him Thursday. He was charged with theft.

But what happens when you're not as prepared as Alverson was with his surveillance equipment? Well, Reddit picked up UPS's denial, which has gone viral with over 16,000 up-votes, and it's brought out some Apple-UPS horror stories: 

And here's a whole 'nother UPS nightmare:

This being the Internet, we can't really vouch for these guys or their testimonies. But, well, we still don't feel any better about our Christmas deliveries. 

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