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We know you were hoping for a Powerball winner to hate, with the first winning couple turning out to be the sweetest ever, but the second person, who has finally claimed the prize, doesn't want to go public. This mystery human, who took weeks to claim the unfathomable sum of money, declined to attend a press conference Friday afternoon and did not offer up his or her name. Considering the high chance of people loathing and/or begging you for money, we understand the choice. But, unfortunately for this person, the privacy will not hold forever. Arizona's state lottery rules state that this person's name must be released. The executives will provide "details on this historic win." We can't wait. 

Until then, we'll just have to guess. We know one thing for sure: This person opted for the lump sum of $136.5 million after taxes, over payments every so often. So we can now deduce this person likes instant gratification — or wants to buy something very huge right now. They also live in Arizona. So, that narrows it down to... almost 6.5 million people


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