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Most of the other schoolchildren of Newtown went back to class Tuesday, but one lingering question remained: where will the kids from Sandy Hook Elementary go to school now? The Newtown superintendent has announced that the school district is planning to start the students in January at the newly converted Chalk Hill school in nearby Monroe, about 10 miles southeast of Newtown. Anthony DiLorenzo, a reporter a local Fox affiliate, has the report: 

"Chalk Hill was last used as a school in June 2011, and has since been used to house a few town departments and programs. It was built in 1969 and is 92,000 square feet and has more than 50 rooms and offices, a cafeteria/kitchen, and a gymnasium," reports Brad Durrell at the Monroe Courier, and officials voted Monday night to let Sandy Hook Elementary use the building. As for Sandy hook, police on Monday said it will be a crime scene indefinitely

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