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If you want an explanation from R. Umar Abbassi, the New York Post freelance photographer who captured the last moments of Ki Suk Han's life before Han was struck by an oncoming New York subway train Monday — why he didn't lend a hand, say — you're going to have to pay him, as CNN found out Tuesday evening.

"Reached by CNN, Abbasi was adamant that he would talk to the network only for pay," reports CNN's Michael Pearson. Pearson was reaching out because, well, who wasn't?  The Guardian and Gothamist also tried to contact Abbasi but didn't get in touch with him. Tuesday's cover went viral, and tabloid photographers jumped to his defense, and concerned citizens everywhere were left with little more than Abbasi's original explanation in the Post, that he was "hoping that the driver could see my flash" instead of helping a victim? As a witness told DNAinfo, Han was on the tracks for about one-and-a-half to two minutes before the train struck him.  

Considering The Post refers to Abbasi as a freelancer, it's not a stretch to think Abbasi was paid for his now infamous cover photo. And his account in The Post is the only one we have at the moment — until, of course, someone decides to pay him for that, too. Meanwhile, a suspect remains in custody.

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