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You can smoke weed anywhere in Washington right now. That's right: Midnight rang in the joy of legal marriage and legal marijuana in the state. So never mind that Washingtonians may still be committing a federal crime (the U.S. State Attorney issued a reminder yesterday that smoking pot is illegal under federal law) — because that, of course, would be very difficult to explain to people who are high. People like these people:

12:01 a.m.:  This happened in front of Hempfest Central (via NBC's Natalie Swaby): 

12:05 a.m.: According to Swaby, the crowd at Hempfest Central grew:

Some time after midnight: We also have some stoners at Seattle's most iconic building (for the full effect, because smoking at the Space Needle makes you feel that much more legal):

And exhale (go Huskies!): 

Sometime early this morning: The real star of weed legalization emerges — a man known as "Professor Gizmo." We know there's pure joy behind his glasses.

Later this morning on CNN: Because photos can only tell you so much, here's Soledad O'Brien interviewing a man four to five times over the legal limit: 

If you are, unlike these people, worried about getting federally prosecuted or are confused about what you're allowed to do in Washington, head on over the police department's insightful Q&A, "Mariwhatnow?" Too long? Don't want to read? Don't have time to read because you're buying tickets to Seattle? Seattle PD stresses that if you are smoking, smoke privately — unlike these people.

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