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This morning most of the world woke up to discover that Time has selected President Obama as its 85th annual Person of the Year. In North Korea, however, the state news agency is reporting that Time's pick is actually its young supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un. "The U.S. magazine The Time selected the dear respected Kim Jong Un as 'man of 2012.'" reads the official report (pictured at right).  

Well, they aren't that wrong — not as wrong as when The Onion tricked China's People's Daily into believing Kim Jong-un was the Sexiest Man Alive last month. And it's a little tricky: Obama took the top honor for the second time (third if you count that whole "You" thing) from the magazine's editors, and Kim didn't even make the shortlist. But the North Korean leader did win an online reader poll last week ... because the hacker collective 4chan rigged it. So the magazine didn't exactly "select" him as "man of the year" — Time lost the gender bias in 1999 — so much as a bunch of pranksters did. Oh yeah, and 4chan also ran a script to spell out "KJU GAS CHAMBER" on the Time poll's results:

So looks like 4chan picked pretty much every person of the year candidate this year, and in order, at least as far as North Korea's newspeople can tell. Hopefully one of the hackers will let them down easy.

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