Newtown's Nationwide Impact, the Rape and the Football Team, Nelson Mandela

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Top Stories: Mark Landler and Peter Baker called Obama's speech at the Newtown vigil "surprisingly assertive."

World: The European Union has now mandated that tea labeled Darjeeling must come from the Darjeeling region of India.

U.S.: Schools across the country deal with the after-effects of the Sandy Hook shooting.

New York: Even before the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook elementary, Newtown served as a microcosm for the gun control debate in the country, pitting hunters and "discreet gun owners" against "assault weapon enthusiasts."

Business: Economic optimism is spreading, but it may be curtailed by Washington.

Technology: Networks aimed at preschoolers are focusing on apps for youngsters.

Sports: Steubenville, Ohio, has been upended by a rape case involving its lauded high-football team, and an alleged sexual assault that played out on social media.

Opinion: Bill Keller on Nelson Mandela.

Television: Jon Caramanica on the music of Nashville, the television show he says is a "sneaky front for traditionalist values."

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