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Nate Silver has brought his trademark data analysis to the newfound gun control discussion today, breaking down what gun ownership in this country looks like numerically. Using data from a 2008 national exit poll—the question was not included, he explains, on 2012 exit polls—some of the details in his chart will likely strike you as obvious: for instance, that Republicans own more guns than Democrats and that there are far more guns in rural areas. What might be more interesting, as Silver points out, is that gun ownership is not necessarily tied to being religiously devout, despite Presdident Obama's 2008 suggestion about communities that "cling to guns or religion." Also, the chart reveals that gun ownership is "highest among the middle class," as Silver writes, with people making $50,000 to $100,000 per year more likely to own guns than their counterparts in other wage groups. Check out the entire chart below, and read the rest of Silver's analysis here.

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