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The National Weather Service said that 34 tornadoes touched down on Christmas Day as a massive storm system continues to move across the country. The cyclones ripped roofs off of houses, shattered windows, and downed power lines that left at least 150,000 customers in Alabama without power. "Yuletide twisters are unusual, but they happen. Ten storm systems in the last 50 years have spawned a holiday tornado," reported NBC News's Tracy Connor. But 34 is a record — you have to go back 30 years to 1982, when 29 twisters were reported, to come close. But that year, of course, we didn't have Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. Here's how social media chased the twisters: 

This is what your iPhone would say if a tornado was imminent (via prinsesselizabeth): 

Yes, this is a picture of the sky in Mobile, Alabama last night (via @spenceuhhhh):

And this is what followed:

And this was a tornado in Arlington, Texas:

The aftermath in Picayune, Mississippi:

The aftermath at Murphy High School in Mobile, Alabama (via @jennckroberts):

More from Murphy High School (via @jennyckroberts):

And more Alabama aftermath (via jrtea):

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