How Newtown Affects the Cliff, Wal-Mart in Mexico, and Prehistoric Health Care

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Top Stories: Dan Barry reports from the first two funerals of children killed in Newtown: "The how of their deaths is, by now, internationally known.... The why of their deaths, though, is still being pieced together."

World: The battle over the E1 piece of land in the West Bank is "a symbol of the failure of negotiations as each side tries to outmaneuver the other with unilateral actions, and the international community is left on the sidelines to do little more than express discontent."

Politics: The tragedy in Newtown could have an impact on fiscal talks since the players "know that partisan sniping could repulse many voters at this time."

U.S.: A county in Tennessee, where teenagers accused of crimes have faced harsh treatment, has with the Justice Department "signed an extensive agreement to overhaul the county’s juvenile justice system."

Business: In an ongoing investigation the Times reveals that "Wal-Mart de Mexico was an aggressive and creative corrupter, offering large payoffs to get what the law otherwise prohibited."

Science: Archeologists are studying how prehistoric people cared for one another.

Health: Research shows that young people involved who are subject to violence like mass shootings can psychologically heal.

Sports: The trade of R. A. Dickey for two Blue Jays players "addresses some of the Mets’ needs, but others remain glaring."

Opinion: Adam Lankford on the connection between "suicide terrorists" and "suicidal rampage shooters."

Books: Despite no runaway hit bestseller, like last year's Steve Jobs biography, independent bookstores are doing relatively well this holiday season.

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