The Homeless Man Is Still Shoeless, the 'Walking Dead' Town, and Shania

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Top Stories: Colombia is trying to bring back communities to land that was abandoned under the threat of guerrillas, paramilitary groups and drug traffickers.

World: Hamas, worried about collaborators, uses "vigorous prosecution as well as the occasional high-profile lynching" as "powerful psychological tools to enforce loyalty and squelch dissent."

U.S.: Senoia, Georgia, has avoided the curse of rural towns in the recessions because of it has been the site of numerous movies at television shows from The Walking Dead to the Footloose remake.

New York: The Times finds the homeless man who was seen being granted a pair of shoes by an NYPD officer in a photo that went viral wearing no shoes on the Upper West Side, he said "those shoes are hidden. They are worth a lot of money," adding, "I could lose my life."

Technology: The legal troubles of car hailing app Uber "underscores the tension between lawmakers and technology companies at a time when Web sites and mobile apps can outmaneuver old rules."

Media & Advertising: John Huey, the editor in chief of Time Inc., is leaving his post, but "says he won’t miss the perch."

Sports: For the Kansas City Chiefs, the tragedy lingers as the team scores a victory. Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes' "amateur cobbling" helps his success on the field.

Opinion: Bill Keller on foreign correspondents and the danger and importance of their job.

Music: Shania Twain having a  "second chance" with a residency in Vegas.

Movies: Michael Cieply wonders if this could be the year that big studios take back the awards season.

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