How Can You Not Like This Photo of Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep?

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Why is this photo of Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep so imminently shareable, so much fun to look at? It's two women, both familiar by sight, both impressive to say the least: One's our own meme-inducing Secretary of State (who, according to the New Yorker's David Remnick, will be "running for President" in 2016); the other is the multiple Academy Award-winning actress considered one of the greatest of our time. But also, it's the pose—there's a certain intimacy here, the heads leaned in together, the spontaneity of the smiles—and perhaps from that alone we can assume enough to slap on the headline BFFs (which the New York Post does, because this is the sort of photo BFFs would take when they're not exchanging friendship bracelets and sharing one milkshake with two straws). They like each other, they really do—Meryl has indeed publicly said she's a fan of Hillary, telling the audience at the Women in World Summit this year of Hillary, “She has turned out to be the voice of her generation. I’m an actress, and she is the real deal." Conversely, how can Hillary not like Meryl; we all like Meryl! Beyond that, it does appear they're both having fun, doing what normal people do: looking up something on an iPhone, or, maybe, given the reach of Meryl's arm, trying to take their own photo? What are they laughing at, anyway? No idea. What we do know is, Meryl and Hillary are an itsy-teeny bit just like us! 

So it's pretty fantastic, this picture from the Kennedy Center Honors Gala dinner at the State Department last night, where also in attendance were Bill Clinton, Dustin Hoffman, David Letterman, Buddy Guy, and the members of Led Zeppelin. Two great ladies, together! What makes it better is it's not the only photo. As ordinary folks well know, it takes a couple tries to get the right shot. Here's another: 

These two posted here were taken by AP photographer Kevin Wolf. If there is yet another on that phone Meryl is holding, we're waiting for it to be Facebooked and tagged. No duckface, please. 

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