The Death of a Drugged Pony, a Mayorless Town, and 2013 in Culture

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Top Stories: After a pony collapsed and died at at an elite horse show following an injection, drugging comes to the forefront in the equestrian world — and Walt Bogdanich's continuing investigation into the larger shadow world of horses in sports.

World: Russia's ban on U.S. adoption "stands to upend the plans of many American families in the final stages of adopting in Russia."

U.S.: A small town in South Carolina has a problem: no one wants the job of mayor.

New York: Hurricane Sandy impacted the real estate market on the coastlines where "waterfront views once commanded substantial premiums."

Business: Even though there has been good news for the economy, struggles in Washington appear to have affected consumer confidence.

Sports: P.J. Carlesimo, now serving as an interim coach for the Nets, is "still living the itinerant pro basketball life, around long enough to be taking control of his fourth N.B.A. team" even after he was infamously choked by a player in the 1997-8 season.

Opinion: Leonard E. Berman and Joel B. Slemrod on tax rates.

Arts: Looking ahead to the new year in theater, music, dance, movies and more.

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