A Dean's Scandalous Life and Death, Childhood Obesity, and Right-to-Work

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Top Stories: The story of the rise and fall of Cecilia Chang, the St. John's University dean who committed suicide following a corruption trial — and a woman who had great success but lived a life filled with sordid details, possibly including murder.

World: A report finds not-so-good news out of Afghanistan — only one Afghan National Army is able to operate independently, and violence is higher than before the American forces surge two years ago.

U.S.: Michigan's legislature might approve labor union limits, much to the chagrin of protestors and despite the fact that "there would seem no more unlikely a target for this fight than [the state], where labor, hoping to demonstrate strength after a series of setbacks, asked voters last month to enshrine collective bargaining into the state Constitution."

Technology: A federal report claims that mobile apps for children don't "give parents basic explanations about what kinds of personal information the apps collect from children."

Science: NASA's older rover, Opportunity, is "exploring a more intriguing plot of Martian real estate," even though its mission was supposed to have ended.

Health: Some cities are reporting small but "significant" drops in childhood obesity rates.

Sports: John Forté, a Brooklyn musician, was tasked to create an anthem for the Nets.

Opinion: Frank Bruni on God, politics, and West Point.

Dance: Alastair Macaulay raves over Renee Robinson's farewell performance, which proved "she was still a compelling image of style, moving with verve and élan at the heart of two of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s classic works."

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