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Those puritans in Washington, D.C., well, they're finally untying their bonnets and lifting the state's "Blue Laws" that restricted liquor stores from opening on Sunday, which means liquor stores can open on Sundays in D.C. now. Congratulations, residents of D.C.! You still live in D.C.

The D.C. Council approved a new bill late Tuesday that will lift the region into the 21st century — or at least the immediate surrounding area — effective sometime next year. The biggest argument against the bill was that employees really liked having Sunday off, so it's not surprising that it passed. It's expected to bring in $700,000 in revenue, so forget your day off, liquor store employees. 

Hip people in D.C. will be happy, too, because the bill also allows the sales of 64 ounce growlers from beer and grocery stores, and excellent craft beer is one of the cool and hip things that makes D.C. cool and hip. So people in D.C. can finally buy their excellent craft beer, in a growler, on the day of rest.

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