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Top Stories: A murder, framed as a suicide, reveals a cult-like group that has ties to the International House of Prayer, casting a wary eye on the church.

World: The tragic fire at the Tazreen Fashions factory exposes an accountability discrepancy as major retailers denied knowing that their clothing was being made at the factory.

U.S.: Washington celebrates same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization.

New York: In discussing the recovery from Sandy Mayor Bloomberg is referencing King Canute, an obscure Danish ruler who once declared that no king could control nature.

Business: As building in the U.S. recovers, rental apartments, rather than "subdivisions with green lawns and two-car garages," are what developers are looking toward.

Sports: The Yankees go back to the ways of George Steinbrenner by spending $12 million on Kevin Youkilis. New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton must not contact his team during his suspension for a pay-for-performance scandal, but some question just how quiet he's been, and how that rule can possibly be enforced.

Opinion: Kenneth S. Baer and Jeffrey B. Liebman on policy and the demographics of the baby boomers.

Movies: Les Misérables has the power to bring life once again to Working Title Films, which once of "classy commercial movies" like Fargo and Four Weddings and a Funeral but "has lost its way in recent years"

Art & Design: Ann Hamilton's installation at the Park Avenue Armory invites views to swing alongside a "an immense, diaphanous white curtain" across the armory's Wade Thompson Drill Hall.

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