Bad News for Skiers, the End of Lieberman, and Zombies

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Top Stories: The move to centralize supervision of European banks was expected to be praised by leaders "as a sign they are taking concrete steps to maintain the viability of the euro."

World: In West Africa ransom paid by westerners over kidnapping is funding militants.

U.S.: Climate change promises bad business for ski resorts.

New York: Joseph Lieberman says goodbye to the Senate, ending "one of the more intriguing political careers on Capitol Hill."

Business: Canada is rethinking buying F-35 fighter jets because of their cost.

Sports: In handling the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal Paul Tagliabue "created a nuanced decision that offered a chance for everyone to claim at least a portion of victory, while also tweaking the behavior of some (Goodell) and hammering others, most glaringly Saints coaches and other officials, onto whom Tagliabue shifted almost all the blame for the bounty program."

Opinion: Gail Collins on zombies.

Music: A Florida woman, who claims Louis Armstrong is her father, is auctioning off letters from the musician to her mother that help prove her point.

Fashion & Style: David France's journey from journalist to Oscar-hopeful documentarian is nearly complete, as his film How to Survive a Plague garners awards and affection.

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