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Apparently, there are going to be a few people living in New York who won't be getting power back until the end of the month. The scarier part: ConEd won't tell us who. "[T]he company added that a small portion of its customers may not have electricity again until late November. The utility did not say where those customers were." reads the latest update from The New York Times's Patrick McGeehan. And according to ConEd, there are still about 650,000 customers without electricity. Not having power until Thanksgiving time would be terrible, and not knowing exactly who ConEd is talking about is frightening. But we can figure out a few things by a process of elimination.

Manhattan and Brooklyn

When You Should Start Getting Worried: November 4

According to Twitter, ConEd has been robocalling people in the Manhattan neighborhoods of Murray Hill, the Financial Districtthe Lower East Side, East Village, West Village and Chelsea telling them power would be on by November 3 at 11 p.m. That's also the day that ConEd has been promising since Tuesday, and it's the date they confirmed again today

Staten Island and Queens

When You Should Start Getting Worried:  November 12

No robocalls have been made yet. "It will be the beginning of next week at the earliest before all Consolidated Edison customers on the Island have their power back," wrote the Staten Island Advance's Tom Wrobleski, who also reports that what will largely determine Staten Island's restoration is getting the extra workers on the ground. As for the parts of Queens without power, no particular neighborhood has been name-checked by ConEd, and Queens, like Staten Island, has largely been folded into the 10-day rule. But from the outage map, it appears there are areas close to Howard Beach which ConEd Says should be getting power by November 2 (some parts of Manhattan are still marked as pending). 

Wetchester County

When You Should Start Getting Worried:  November 12

According to McGeehan and Reuters, November 11 seems to be the day the light will come on in Westchester County. "The new target from the company for getting close to full restoration is Nov. 10 or 11, Con Edison said" reported McGeehan. But according to reports on the ground, it seems like crews have a tough task ahead of them. If there are any crews at all.  "If there are ConEd crews out in the area, I haven’t seen them anywhere near here in the last four days ... Maybe they are literally ghost crews." a resident told The Yorktown Daily Voice's Julie Curtis. 

The most annoying and troubling thing with ConEd's report is that they aren't saying who exactly is getting the worst of it. And if you look at information from previous reports, it looks like the things that are causing the most trouble for workers and taking the longest things to repair are downed power lines and access impediments for workers. If that sounds like a combination in your area, then you probably should be, if you aren't already, making long-term plans to be without power. 

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