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You may be wondering, as temperatures are feeling pretty chilly out there, what's the story with this new storm you've been hearing about, the one maybe on its way right back up to some of the areas hardest hit by Sandy in New York, New Jersey, and the Northeast in general, promising winds and rain and possibly flooding and even snow? The nor'easter is still on the way, unfortunately. The good news, from, "It won't be another Sandy." The bad news: "A low pressure system is moving up the East Coast while gaining strength Tuesday. On Wednesday, it will add misery to Sandy-battered areas with strong winds, heavy rain, rough surf, and very chilly temperatures."

This means, per Mayor Bloomberg, "Today & tomorrow NYPD will be in areas flooded by #Sandy to alert people who may be at risk of additional flooding #NYC#Noreaster." As the mayor tweeted, "On Wed 11/7 we can expect strong winds, cold temps, and moderate storm surge in parts of the city hardest hit by #Sandy." In order to prepare,

Via Michael Howard Saul and Laura Nahmias, writing in the Wall Street Journal, "'Even though it’s not anywhere near as strong as Sandy, nor strong enough in normal times for us to evacuate anybody, out of precaution and because of the changing physical circumstances, we are going to go to some small areas and ask those people to go to higher ground,' Mr. Bloomberg said."

Expect possible snow and some coastal flooding, along with winds with gusts in the 55 to 65 mph range. NOAA predicts "mainly rain, but likely mixing with or changing to snow over much of the [Atlantic] region" and cold: "wind chill values will be in the 20s and 30s for much of the region during the height of the storm." The meteorologists add, of flooding, "the high tides of most concern are the ones around midday Wednesday, November 7th and the following high tide Wednesday night." As for snow, Holthaus tweeted a graphic showing "About a 50/50 shot of accumulating snow in excess of 2" from PHL to NYC."

The storm won't stay long, though. By Friday, it's predicted that weather in the New York area will be sunny and back in the 50s. Again, this storm wouldn't be such a concern, except for what came before it, and the damage left behind. NOAA's briefing reminds us to "plan for the worst, hope for the best," and following Sandy, people are paying attention.

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