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Just in time for the holiday travel rush, the T.S.A. is facing perhaps its most public pat-down gross-out yet. Texas Rep. Ralph Hall has announced he's teaming up with Rep. Saxby Chambliss to launch a federal investigation into the airport security division after Hall's grand-niece had her boobs exposed while she was travelling. 

Apparently, Hall's grand-niece on a high-school trip to Australia two years ago when a T.S.A. agent picked her out for a pat-down. According to records just released by a Freedom of Information Act request, "during the pat-down of her stomach area" the straps of the girl's sundress came undone and the girl's boobs were exposed for the whole room to see. Now, without mentioning how creepy and suspect the story sounds, the T.S.A. told the Daily Mail their investigation said the whole thing was a big mistake they regret, that the agent received more training and is OK at the job now. Plus, it was two whole years ago. But that's not stopping Hall from going all crusading uncle on the T.S.A. He's calling for a federal probe and wants the agent fired. Chambliss wrote the T.S.A. asking they review "rigorous, potentially invasive screenings at" the Atlanta airport where Hall's grand-niece was so embarrassed. You go, Uncle Ralph. 

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