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A Secret Service agent who had served on President Obama's protection detail appears to have committed suicide while he was under investigation for inappropriate conduct. Special Agent Rafael Prieto was reportedly under investigation for having a romantic relationship with a foreign citizen that he did not disclose to his superiors. Prieto was not accused of divulging classified information or compromising security, but was facing proceedings for possibly violating department rules. He was found dead last Saturday in Washington.

The Secret Service has had other issues in last year with agent getting involved with foreign nationals amid other accusations of partying and inappropriate behavior, forcing them to institute harsh new rules about drinking and use of social media. Most famously, six agents lost their jobs and several others were disciplined after they hired prostitutes in Colombia ahead of a presidential visit. While there have been no accusations of leaked secrets or danger to their protectees, the stories have been an embarrassment to the proud—and supposedly "secret"—agency.

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