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As many of us transition back to our sort-of normal post-hurricane lives, there is reflection upon what we learned, not just about natural disasters and helping others in a time of need, but also about hurricane weight gain and ... hurricane love. Hurricane boyfriends and girlfriends did happen, report Tara Palmeri and Rebecca Rosenberg of the New York Post. So did hurricane breakups. It's only reasonable when you're stuck together in a tiny urban apartment for days on end, after all, that love might be gained, love might be lost, and dramatic sentences like these might arise in one of our favorite tabloids: "When Hurricane Sandy ripped through New York, she drove some couples apart — and pushed others together."

Why would you fall in love during a hurricane; even, maybe, back in love with an ex? Well, urgency. Call it the last-man-or-woman-on-earth scenario, or you know, sometimes it's nice to have any old port in a storm.

“It was like the world might end: We needed to be together now,” said Amy Campbell, 26, a bartender at Iggy’s on Ludlow Street in Greenwich Village, who reunited with an old fling after she texted him to see how he fared during the storm.

Campbell hopes the two will stay together. But note that her blissful romantic experience is not the only option. There are many ways to fail your significant other in a hurricane. Some of those listed include the following:

Not stepping up.

“I just saw the hurricane as a good opportunity for a guy to take initiative and look like a knight in shining armor,” said [Christina Gibson, 28].

And yet, he hung out with friends instead. Relationship: Over.

Continuing to nag like you do, or going away and not nagging and allowing your significant other the peace and quiet to realize how awful you are.

“I stayed at home, and it was a peaceful blackout. Sandy had nothing on the fights we had,’’ [21-year-old Zac] Lucien said. “My life hadn’t been so easy in months. I didn’t have her chirping in my ear. Once my phone worked again, she called me, and I was like, ‘I’ve had enough.’ . . . When the power came back on, I was, like, ‘I don’t even want to see this girl.’ ” 

They broke up, clearly. 

We'd add that losing electricity can be hell on a relationship—but it can also be heaven. Everyone looks good in candlelight, except for the girlfriend or boyfriend who runs outside and screams at the sky in the midst of a hurricane. Hurricanes, it is true, can bring you the opportunity to realize that the person you thought you liked is not someone you like at all. 

Don't get disheartened, though, the title of the Post article is "NYers got hot & steamy in storm"! There were those who made the storm work for them, following tested hurricane boyfriend/girlfriend techniques. Derrick Holmes, a 27-year-old in New Jersey, asked a woman "dumb questions about the apples" she was buying, for instance. They hit it off. Others posted for their hurricane loves on Craigslist, write Palmeri and Rosenberg; it's unclear what came of that aside from some entertaining Craigslist posts. As with any relationship, hurricane love is all about identifying what you want, and finding someone who wants something similar. Oh, and timing, of course. Find your hurricane love pre-hurricane so you don't have to go outside during the storm. There's no need to be cavalier about relationships.

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