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San Francisco's ban on fully-naked people may be on, but the half-monty photos will always endure. As our Adam Clark Estes reported last night, it is now illegal to expose genitals in public places throughout the city, and "infractions will cost you $100 the first two times and $500 the third time." The display of penises on parade in the Castro and bare breasts at the city's bus stops were as intrinsic to San Francisco's counter-culture as the Golden Gate Bridge remains to its presence, and it's all a bit sad, really. But not as sad as these sad (and safe-for-work) nudists, who took to the streets and the courts in the aftermath of the decision... in the nude, naturally. So: be thankful for that.

This is the star of last night's vote, one Gypsy Taub, who began taking her clothes off at City Hall while speaking to the Board of Supervisors: 

And she was promptly covered up (not by her own volition): 

The girl in the shades (below) is visibly bummed, which we think is due to the new law. But also could be because of the man next to her: 

She looks less bummed here, but still pretty bummed about the law: 

And sometimes, all you can do is smile to hide the pain: 


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