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When Paula Broadwell wrote on Facebook, "Can anyone introduce me to Lance Armstrong?" it was not social-climbing, but birthday shopping. Broadwell wanted to give her lover, then-CIA director David Petraeus, a bike ride with Armstrong for his 60th birthday. Broadwell went on a run with Armstrong in July, and told at least six people at the Aspen Security Forum that she wanted to set up the celebratory celebrity workout, Time's Barton Gellman reports. It was not to be.

Another thing that wasn't to be? Broadwell's Senate career. Gellman reports that Republican donors approached her about running for Senate in North Carolina (Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan comes up for reelection in 2014). But Petraeus -- subject of political recruitment efforts himself -- talked her out of it. Gellman reports:

Petraeus, she said in an irritated tone, rejected the idea out of hand. What was her position, he asked, on abortion? Climate change? Gun control? Gay marriage? Tax cuts? Social Security vouchers? Her answers, he told her, would not fit either party, and she should not sell herself out.

That helps explain why Broadwell mocked the Drudge Report's claim that Mitt Romney was considering Petraeus to be his running mate.

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