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Top Stories: New York's transportation infrastructure begins moving after a day of gridlock.

World: China's professionals are in an exodus and politics "underlies many of their concerns."

U.S.: Facing the continuing wrath of Sandy: lives lost, looting, and darkness.

New York: One result of Sandy: "the sudden upending of a political landscape years in the making so much as Mr. Christie’s unexpected and effusive praise of Mr. Obama."

Business: As airlines work to get back to normal following Sandy, travelers are stranded.

Technology: Apple will most likely move away from using images that mimic real-world items, like the textured linen look of the iPhone notifications screen, or the wooden shelves for digital reading material.

Science: Scientists just don't know if Sandy had anything to do with "human-induced global warming," but "they do know, however, that the resulting storm surge along the Atlantic coast was almost certainly intensified by decades of sea-level rise linked to human emissions of greenhouse gases."

Sports: The decision to go on with the show when it comes to the New York City Marathon has been met with protest from those who say New York can't afford to spend resources on it right now. There's a new type of fan in town: "the Knicks-to-Nets defector."

Opinion: Nicholas Kristof on Sandy and the lack of climate change talk in this election season.

Art & Design: Michael Kimmelman on the Barclays Center—which "makes the Garden the second-best arena in town"—and how without the full Atlantic Yards completed "what we see today is like seeing a naked man with just his socks on."

Fashion & Style: Life in the dark for New York's trendy crowd downtown, some "hunkered down for days without power by thinking of their plight as 'glamping'"—"glamour camping." The Olympics inspired adults to take up gymnastics classes.

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