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We watched in horror when a crane atop the tallest and most expensive residential building in Manhattan buckled over some 70+ stories in the air Monday. On Saturday, the building's developer, Extell, will begin the sky-high task of securing this dangling behemoth. See, the crane is still there in Midtown Manhattan, where it was on Monday afternoon, looking all dangerous and dangly:

But apparently the danger from the hanging crane of doom will be a thing of the past come Monday. "Residents and workers displaced by the dangling crane on 57th Street in Manhattan will be able to return to the area by Monday evening" reports The New York Times's Michael M. Grynbaum who adds, "the building’s developer will eventually have to construct another crane next to the damaged one to dismantle it." From what Bloomberg said on October 30 though, it sounds like taking the whole thing apart and eliminating danger might be two completely different things: "The procedure will be to get the boom and strap it to the building ... Then we can reopen the streets." the mayor was quoted as saying in Bloomberg on Tuesday. All that said, @NyHangingCrane, we hardly knew ye. 

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