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Update 5:35 p.m. Another tweet from Mayor Bloomberg's office confirming the cancellation: 

The New York Road Runners haven't updated their site and as of now still shows a marathon countdown. 

Update 5:26 p.m. And the final domino falls. Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office has announced the cancellation of the New York Marathon: 

Update: 5:19 p.m. And here's the grain of salt: Mayor Bloomberg's office is denying these reports. 

Update 5:10 p.m.  There are now multiple reports that the marathon has been canceled. 

Update 4:53 p.m. We have another confirmation of a marathon meeting: 

Update 4:39 p.m. Now here's some sense and something a bit more solid than what Gasparino had been tweeting. Again, no cancellation has been announced as of yet and again having meetings discussing a cancellation is plenty different than actually canceling the race:

Update 4:10 p.m. And here comes the Gasparino backlash: 

Update 4:06 p.m.  Gasparino (like ConEd with its robocalls) is walking back the marathon cancellation rumors he started: 

And this: 

Well exactly what Gasparino tweeted was "CANCELLED" in giant caps (below).

Original: Hmmmm. Fox News Business is claiming they have a Wall Street source telling them that the New York City Marathon has been canceled. Here's what Charles Gasparino, a senior correspondant there, tweeted just a few minutes ago: 

It appears he's citing Wall Streeters who may possibly be connected to ING, the sponsor of the race. Maybe those people at those companies don't want to be a featured part of the marathon considering its unpopularity at the moment. But you have to take Gasparino's comments with a grain of salt: Even though there's been plenty of backlash, it was only this afternoon New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was defending his unpopular decision to give the race the go-ahead. "We have to have a city going forward ... New York has to show that we are here, that we are going to recover," Bloomberg was quoted as saying in a New York Times report a little over an hour ago. We'll update if there's solid proof that that plan is going to change.

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