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Not even a 'heel turn' could help her. Linda McMahon lost her second bid for a senate seat in Connecticut to Democratic challenger Chris Murphy. The Associated Press called the race in Murphy's favor already. 

With the riches of the wrestling business supporting her, McMahon tried to run for Senate twice and failed both times. McMahon spent $100 million of her family's money on her two bids for Senate, and she still came up short. (The previous record belonged to Ross Perot, who spent $72 million of his own money on bids for President.) 

At the last possible minute, possibly sensing defeat, McMahon desperately tried to convince voters she wasn't actually a Republican. She scrubbed the word 'Republican' from her campaign website and passed out flyers that called her an Independent. 

Oh well, some people just don't have the pedigree to run for office. It might be time for her shattered dreams of serving her country to go to sleep. 

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