How to Use a Robotic Arm, Our Newest Saint, Defining Personality Disorder

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Top Stories: A corporal who lost his arm in Afghanistan now is learning to use a prosthetic one, which is a larger challenge for those who lose upper limbs.

World: Mohamed Morsi pulled back plans to assert authority over Egypt's courts in "another demonstration that Egyptians would no longer allow their rulers to operate above the law."

U.S.: In Phoenix, a vacant lot has become a place for refugees to farm.

New York: New York's archbishop Cardinal Timothy Dolan, a conservative, has been at the forefront of a revived effort to make Catholic liberal activist Dorothy Day a saint.

Business: Puerto Rico has suffered a five-year recession and "officials have been selling off anything they can: two toll roads and the main airport so far."

Science: Animals can try to mate with others of different species or even classes, sometimes resulting in death for one of the partners, like in the case of a fur seal and penguin.

Health: The prospect of voting by the the Board of Trustees of the American Psychiatric Association on whether to instate a new diagnostic system for personality disorders has forced psychiatrists to consider: "What, exactly, is a personality problem?"

Sports: Last weekend "demanded" that the Giants and Jets, two teams moving different directions, "understand the circumstances in play."

Opinion: Paul Krugman on "deficit scolds." 

Theater: A conversation between the lead actors in Mies Julie, an adaptation of Miss Julie taking place in South Africa, wherein they discuss their chemistry and response to the play in South Africa.

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