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It wasn't very difficult to figure out, but New York City's tabloids figured out that yesterday's nor' easter was really just the worst. And one of them figured throwing some breasts at you might make you stop complaining and feel better. Thanks to superstorm Sandy, there are still a ton of New Yorkers without power and homeless, and the ones that were lucky enough to have nothing destroyed are still trying to get back into a rhythm. The latter have sunk into a favorite pastime, complaining about being miserable:

So yeah, it doesn't look like NYDN had to go far in finding that headline And neither did The Post:

Why Post editors decided to not actually show any trace of the snow that their giant headline is touting is a decision only they and fans of the Victoria Secret Fashion show can answer. If it's any consolation New Yorkers, there's no precipitation in the forecast for the next five days. (Which we know is bad news if you were a fan of today's Post front page).

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