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Hurricane Sandy is being touted as the reason Mitt Romney lost his mojo in the closing days of the presidential campaign, the reason New Yorkers are being nice to one another again, and perhaps most significantly—the galvanizing event to finally convince people of all political persuasions that climate change is real and here after the issue was largely ignored during election season. On that latter point, however, whatever impact the storm has made in the minds of people struggling with cleanup, and the prospect that devastating hurricanes in New Jersey and New York recurring somewhat regularly, there is someone else who deserves credit for cementing the issue: Donald Trump. This morning, attention-seeker Trump trolled the Twitterverse by unleashing this tweet and using Hurricane Sandy victims to prove a paradox (it's actually a real conservative talking point on Twitter): 

Yes he did manage to both cheapen and dismiss Sandy victims and global warming in one swoop. And his tweet was met with the quick, swift reaction on the Internet (295 Retweets and counting) that range from blunt outrage at his troll effort to pithy arguments why weather and climate change are different. 

And even more reactions: 

You'd think that someone like Trump, who had the thunder stolen from both his Republican National Convention appearance and his dumb "October Surprise" by hurricanes, would think the connection between climate change and extreme weather like hurricanes would be worth something looking into. 

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