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A sure sign that tonight's now-$550 million drawing has reached peak saturation? Well, the tens of thousands of people hoping you got all of your numbers wrong have made the drawing an unavoidable thing, thanks to the numbers being bandied about on social media — and that's not even including the officials busy jacking up the pot. Here's a sampling from across the web today, with stats!

Instagram:  "5,000 — roughly, the number of people who have taken pictures of their tickets on the popular photo-sharing service Instagram with the hashtag #powerball," wrote Mashable's Chris Taylor yesterday. That number has only grown, with a bunch of new pictures posted today and this morning. After a quick photo search, we found that New York Powerball tickets aren't really as festive as ones from Georgia, which apparently have a peach watermark (via @gmoney50):

Florida's have flamingos (via @Cryssa): 

And Oregon loves the 90s (via @Jbozeman541): 

Also, people don't just instagram tickets. They Instagram their winning fantasies (via abeasle):

And that people buy multiple tickets ($160 worth via @chadlong7487)

Twitter: "Some 600 tweets per hour with the hashtag #powerball were being seen by 6 p.m. EST Tuesday," reports Taylor. That's impressive, but not exactly impressive compared to say, the Presidential Debates where they saw 10 million tweets in less than two hours.  But, hey, that's still a lot ... which also means a lot of corny jokes. 

Facebook: Ha. But seriously, there are probably people on your feed with at least one corny joke. Or those that have shared this e-card?  Go check: 

Regular Old Media: Well, there are already an abundance of stories. Probably too many. But props go out to USA Today's nerdy flash presentation telling you which numbers are the most chosen, the least chosen, and how to not punch your coworkers in the face when you find out they won.

The Atlantic Wire: We are the site of the people. That said, we too have succumbed to Powerball fever, and in the off chance we beat the 1 in 175,000,000 odds (yes, we're quite aware Nate Silver would advise against this) and win the $550 million jackpot, we'll take you all out for a drink. We promise. Here's our single ticket: 

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