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Top Stories: As evacuees from Sandy continue to be shuffled around, advocates for the homeless say that the storm "exposed and worsened the city's acute lack of affordable housing options." 

World: Though there was talk that a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas might come, the fighting continued.

U.S.: In Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, so-called blue laws prevent retailers from opening on Thanksgivings.

New York: Antron McCray, one of the young men wrongly convicted in the Central Park jogger case, discusses his need to leave New York and seek anonymity

Business: With the holiday rush hitting airports, it's worth noting that in recent years more flights are departing and landing on time—83 percent within 15 minutes of schedule this year. 

Sports: For Belgium's national soccer team it's "a fact of life" that players do not speak the same language with the country divided between French and Flemish. 

Opinion: Maureen Dowd on the Petraeus scandal and Gloria Allred, with some Jane Austen thrown in

Art & Design: An expert on Edward Hopper is questioning how the Rev. Arthayer R. Sanborn, a Hopper family friend, came into possession of his collection of Hopper works. 

Music: Jon Caramanica on Rihanna's new album, which features a collaboration with Chris Brown that "is, as it's called online, pure trolling: a straight-faced provocation that's really a big wink." 

Dining & Wine: Ian Fisher on the deliciousness, and the difficulty, of pasta carbonara, a dish Calvin Trillin suggested should be swapped for Turkey on Thanksgiving. 

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