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It won't be long before her parents are arranging playdates with Facebook and Like. No, really, those are real names, too. As the Daily Dot reported yesterday, apparently there is a newborn child named Hashtag Jameson — the information came via a Facebook status update (why not Twitter, Jamesons?) and Facebook status updates being what they are these days, there's a good chance that this is all a hoax. (Let's hope so, for the sake of young Hashtag and grammar in general.) Here's a picture of the update announcing Hashtag that's causing the current Twitter eye-rolling [sic to all of it]: 

Maybe it's just an inside joke? Maybe? Please? Because if you actually wanted to hashtag Hashtag on Twitter, the hashtag would be a very circular #Hashtag. That's no good. Assuming Hashtag really is this young baby girl's name, she now joins the special club of children with actual social media names, which include Egyptian child Facebook Ibrahim and Israeli child Like Alder. #pleasestopthis

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