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The gas situation in New York is getting seriously dire. Reports of line ups eight blocks long are not uncommon. We've seen stories of people pushing empty cars through long lines for some gas. Gov. Andrew Cuomo came out this morning and told everyone to chill out. There's more coming.

A survey came out late Friday night showing that two thirds of gas stations in the New York metropolitan area were either out of gas, or were closed because they didn't have power. (And therefore not fit to distribute gas.) Many New Yorkers said, "Sheesh, I didn't need a survey to tell me that." 

Gov. Cuomo announced that 28 million gallons of gasoline is being shipped into the area this weekend during a press conference this morning. He said that 8 million gallons have arrived since the harbor reopened. "Do not panic," Cuomo advised. "We did have a shortage in fuel delivery," he said. "That situation has been remedied." 

Dollars to donuts, the best place for you to get fuel would be to find one of the Department of Defense's distribution stations. They're shipping in 12 million gallons of gasoline and giving it out for free. The catch: it's limited to ten gallons per person. Still, that's the best price for gas you'll find on the whole planet. 

Just after Cuomo's briefing ended, Page Six queen Emily Smith tweeted this picture of a gas tanker coming into the harbour. 

It's real, guys. The gas is here. 

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