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So you know the people who dashed your hopes of winning that stupidly large Powerball jackpot, instantly crushing your dreams of living like a king and dipping your butt in gold? Everyone who knows them says the first winners are pretty awesome people, and we now know that least one of their mothers is almost absurdly adorable. Granted, we'd be saying pretty glowing stuff, too, if we were neighbors of Cindy and Mark Hill — who possess one of the two winning $558 million Powerball tickets — because, hey, it doesn't hurt to be nice to multimillionaires. As NBC found out, the Hills have an adopted child from China, are pretty well-liked by the locals in Dearborn, Missouri, and holy wow is Mark's mom adorable (she appears at around 52 seconds in):


And then there's this sort of precious quote which from Cindy: "I was just telling my daughter the night before, 'Honey, that probably never happens (people winning).'" Arggh. Grr. We're finding it so hard to hate right now.  

Cindy and Mark are holding a press conference later today to reveal their identities and announce their good fortune. The other winner, who purchased the ticket in Arizona, has yet to be identified (if that's you, let us know and we'll start saying nice things, too). 

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