1) From the Guardian today. Check out what I am sure is the "AdSense"-type ad in the lower right hand corner. This specific photo-and-ad combination is no longer there, so thanks to reader PB for catching it while it existed.

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2) This is more in the category of constructed than found art: The wonderful Tom Tomorrow has a very nice cartoon about the right-wing info-bubble, at just the moment when it might be dawning on the GOP that having its own version of reality can can be a weakness as well as a strength. It doesn't seem right just to recreate the whole Tom Tomorrow strip here, so I offer one frame and a link to the rest.


3) Harmonic convergence of political and tech themes: Gawker has put up a nice flow chart of the characters and drama in the unbelievable Petraeus-Broadwell-Allen-etc melodrama. Here is a detail from a larger version also from Gawker Hilary Sargent:


What does this remind you of? Of course! Scapple, the new free-form idea-mapping software I mentioned very recently. Tinderbox would also be great for this; in honor of Petraeus and Allen, here is a screenshot of a Tinderbox map assessment various aspects of the Afghanistan operation (further details at the Tinderbox site). It is good to see technology being put to practical use.


4) Meanwhile, welcome to Fairbanks! Hope to see you at UAF tonight.

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