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Katniss, Legolas, and the whole archery craze just got a lot less cool with the news out of Wyoming's Casper College, where someone went on a rampage with a bow and arrow and killed three people. Sadly, we've become all too used to school/mass shootings this year, and the ensuing back and forth conversation about gun control that happens after them, but how, exactly, do a bow and arrow factor in to all of this?

Police indicated that the weapon on campus was a "bow and arrow type," Rich Fujita, a spokesman for the college, told NBC News. The attack happened just before 9 a.m. EDT, and according to police, two of the bodies were found on campus — one appeared to be a male faculty member, the second was "student-aged" and the third body was found off campus. Police have apprehended the suspect. "They are reasonably certain that the one and only suspect is in custody, but they told us they can't be 100 percent certain there is not a second suspect," Fujita is quoted as saying in the AP report.

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