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Allan West demanded a recount after the initial results showed him losing his Florida congressional seat to Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy, but the recount did the opposite of what West wished. It made the distance between Murphy and West even wider. 

The last time we checked in with West he was crying foul and demanding a recount because, he suspected, one of the counties seemed suspicious. His campaign manager suspected some votes in St. Lucie, a county Murphy dominated, were counted twice. The unofficial results put Murphy with a 2,442 vote lead over West, but West's campaign had until November 20 to ask for a recount or look into any wrong doing. On November 20, the results would become official. So, they recounted the votes from St. Lucie county and Murphy still won. He actually gained 242 votes. Murphy's campaign managers declared victory (again) while West's campaign managers were left twiddling their thumbs wondering what to do next. "We are still evaluating how to handle this," West campaign manager Tim Edson said. "It's a unique case." 

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