World Series Victory Brings Out Rioters in San Francisco

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The San Francisco Giants completed a four-game sweep of the Detroit Tigers last night, winning their second World Series in three years and giving troublemakers back home a perfect excuse to burn down their city. Almost immediately after the final out of Game 4 fans began pouring into the street, with some setting fires, overturning cars, and hurling bottles at firefighters and police.

In scenes reminiscent of the worst of the Occupy protests of the last year, crazed rioters squared off with police across the city, though without the political message or the sympathy of their fellow citizens. About 10,000 people had gathered at City Hall to (peacefully) watch the final game on a giant screens, but small groups of people broke off from the victory celebration to set fires in city intersections and even setting a bus alight. The reaction was actually a little more subdued than the last time the Giants won in 2010, but it's clear that sports fans in most cities still can't be trusted with good news. 

We've gathered some images from Twitter and elsewhere to show some of the madness in the Bay Area last night. (BuzzFeed has even more.) An actual civilized parade is scheduled for Wednesday.

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Photo by Anne Dana via Instagram

San Francisco Giants fans celebrate with a bonfire in San Francisco's Mission district Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012, after the Giants swept the Detroit Tigers to win baseball's World Series. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

Photo by Hectorgarayjr via Instagram

Photo by Brooke Schneider via Instagram

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