What Are New Yorkers Complaining About Now?

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Yes, okay, New Yorkers love to complain—but what are they complaining about? You can now see who's whining about what in this interactive map of New York 311-complaints by media artist Dietmar Offenhuber.

Offenhuber used public data from the past two years from New York City's open data website and visualized it by block. Green means noise complaints, blue means litter, and red means graffiti. Anything in between means a more even distribution of complaints. Click on the photo above to explore.

As you can see, Manhattan skews green, meaning Manhattanites are complaining more about noise, and Staten Island is very blue, meaning people living there have more litter complaints. Boroughs like Brooklyn have a wider array of colors, though people also seem to be having litter issues there. You can zoom in more to see specifics.

Unfortunately, this map does not show where people are complaining about the number of slow walkers, which would probably make Midtown shine a bright, solid color.

Interactive from visualizing.org via reddit

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