The Home Stretch, the Color Blue, and Pee Wee Football

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Top Stories: Romney's people are looking calmer as the race heads into its final stretch, while Obama "is now facing what he worked so hard to avoid: a neck-and-neck race with a challenger gaining ground when it matters most."

World: The Lebanese and Jordanian militaries now involved in an effort to curb the flow of Syrian violence into their territories in what is the "most significant register yet of alarm over the strife spilling over Syrian borders."

U.S.: In Iowa a battle over a justice who was part of the state Supreme Court's unanimous decision to rule same-sex marriage legal.

New York: A bodega in Fort Greene—"the kind of place where local residents left an extra set of apartment keys, or could count on running a bit of credit"— was also a front for drugs police say.

Technology: Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Intel—the "giants"—are now working on gaining their footing in a world where mobile devices are king.

Science: Scientists have taken to investigating the color blue "captivated by its optical purity, complexity and metaphorical fluency."

Health: The meningitis outbreak is not the first time the Food and Drug Administration has been worried about drug compounders.

Sports: Five young players in a pee wee football game sustained head injuries making it "one of the more disturbing episodes in the ever more controversial world of youth football."

Opinion: Sarah Elizabeth Richards advocates that women discuss and consider freezing their eggs.

Music: Anthony Tommasini writes about Barbara Cook, Barbra Streisand and the art of aging while singing gracefully.

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