Pre-Debate Patriotic Buildup

Take a look a this wonderful time-lapse video, from Bryan Chan of the Los Angeles Times, of the Space Shuttle Endeavour's final trip, at ground level, across Los Angeles. It's not embeddable, but the link is here and it's wonderful. A sample shot:


From reader GP in the Los Angeles area:
My husband and I went to see it in Inglewood. It was an incredible block party through some of the densest residential neighborhoods in the US.

Endeavor and LACMA's rock have both created spontaneous block parties in the past year.

I guess we just need to build a pyramid and move large objects once in a while to build a sense of community.
I had not really focused on the fact that the people chosen for this Town Hall meeting are the same "undecideds" / "uncommitteds" under discussion recently here. Hmmm. Good luck to them, and us all. I'll be watching from Shenzhen.