Panties Become Public Issue in County Prosecutor Race

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Laina Fetherolf, the Hocking County, Ohio, prosecutor, wants to clear things up with voters: She did not drop her panties onto a judge's bench and say "problem solved." Did not

Fetherolf, a Democrat, is running for a second term and recently filed a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission that her opponent Jason Sarvar was spreading rumors about the way a courtroom "wardrobe malfunction" went down. Fetherolf received a letter from a businessman who said Sarver told him a story about this particular incident, according to The Columbus Dispatch's Randy Ludlow:

The story went that Fetherolf was wearing dark panties under a light-colored dress, causing snickering in the courtroom, and that Wallace [the judge] told her to fix the fashion faux pas. Sarver reportedly told the businessman and his wife that Fetherolf left the courtroom, went to the men’s room, removed her panties and then placed them in evidence before the judge.

And then, according to the story that Fetherolf says is being spread, she said "problem solved." 

She wants Sarver to publicly apologize, but the election commission won't help. They dismissed her complaint, saying it was based on personal knowledge and not in campaign literature. 

There seems to be some kernel of truth to the tale: Poor Fetherolf actually did suffer a wardrobe malfunction of some sort in court and had to leave to fix it. Neither she nor Common Pleas Court Judge John T. Wallace would give more details, but Wallace assured The Dispatch that Fetherolf's story was true: "No panties have ever been placed on my bench by anyone, including her."

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